The Outreach, Justice, & Advocacy Team (OJAT) exists to oversee all ministries, groups, projects, and events of Southwood United Church (SWUC) that are focused on social action in the wider community. This includes:

  • Identifying needs and issues affecting our communities, our city, and the world at large;
  • Facilitating discernment in the congregation about what needs or issues SWUC is being called to address;
  • Creating parameters and budgets for Working Groups to operate within;
  • Commissioning short- and long-term Working Groups to carry out the initiatives;
  • Promoting involvement in outreach, justice, and advocacy initiatives;
  • Supervising the ongoing work of the congregation in the areas of outreach, justice, and advocacy (OJA).

Interested in serving on this Team? Download the full Team description/Terms of Reference below and/or contact to put your name forward!