The Learning & Growth (L&G) Team exists to oversee all ministries, groups, events, and training initiatives of Southwood United Church (SWUC) that are focused on adult discipleship and spiritual formation. This includes:

  • Learning Circles (LCs) & Study Groups (SGs) - groups in which people come together on a recurring basis (SGs) or for a defined time period (LCs) in study, reflection, and prayer on a particular topic, course, book, or theme;
  • Confirmation, Baptism, & Membership (CBM) - these rites and their associated formation classes;
  • Learning & Growth (L&G) Events - one-off workshops, seminars, training events, lectures, and retreats;
  • The Church Library and/or Bookstore - the lending library and/or bookstore of the congregation.

Interested in serving on this Team? Download the full Team description/Terms of Reference below and/or contact to put your name forward!