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 As you may have noticed over the last several months since we re-opened for regular in-person services, the front projector in the Sanctuary is becoming increasingly difficult to see as it ages. Council has agreed to a plan to install some different equipment at the back of the chancel to address this issue. Some of the equipment has been donated and some will need to be purchased. These upgrades are necessary not only because we want to be proactive before the bulb in our current projector fails (which could happen at any moment and cost upwards of $3,000 to replace), but also to improve accessibility for those in our congregation whose eyesight needs a bit of extra assistance. Rev. Sam has heard quite a bit of feedback about how washed out and difficult the current screen is to see. Installing backlit screens on either side of the chancel will give a greater range of view as well as be brighter for folks who can't see as well. 

Here's how you can help: Sam & Richard need help on September 4th after church with install. We'll need a few people to assist with building/installing TV mounts, laying cabling, and running some tests. We will likely need 2 hours or so to accomplish this. If you're available and can help with this, please sign up via SignUp Genius by clicking the Sign up Here button below.

If you'd like to sponsor some of the cost, please contact the office by emailing or by sending an eTransfer to; please be sure to put the message "Monitor Upgrade" in the Message area. The new install will involve three TV screens (two at the front on either side, one at the back), and while two of the screens have been donated, we will need to purchase the third (needs to be a matching unit), as well as the mounting hardware, cables, and a new video switch for the computer. This will likely be in the range of about $2,000. 

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