The Children, Youth, & Families Team (CYFT) exists to oversee the encouragement, promotion, and organization of an environment of vibrant and shared ministry to, for, and with children, youth, and their families at Southwood United Church (SWUC), and to support the Children’s & Family Pastor his or her ministry within the congregation. This includes:

  • Coordinating rosters/teams for contacting, serving, and participating in CYF ministries;
  • Facilitating the implementation and maintenance of Duty of Care policies and procedures in the congregation;
  • Engaging the whole congregation in the mission and vision of CYF ministries;
  • Planning for the future by discerning the needs (both spoken and unspoken) of young people in the congregation and making recommendations to the Church Council;
  • Promoting CYF ministries, events, gatherings, and initiatives within the life of the congregation;
  • Supporting the Children’s & Family Pastor and any CYF-related program staff in their ministry roles.

Interested in serving on this Team? Download the full Team description/Terms of Reference below and/or contact to put your name forward!