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Rehearsals for this exciting production are coming along....swimmingly! As promised a couple weeks ago here is the list of items we are seeking for props and set design. Note these items will not be returned as they may be altered to suit our needs.

Prop Pieces:

  • Large pool noodles - 4" diameter
  • Large flat sheets of cardboard
  • Pieces of packing foam/foam inserts (like those in electronics boxes)
  • Foam packing 'peanuts'
  • 2 Pipes (as for tobacco)
  • Items that LOOK vintage (circa 1850s): large necklaces, hand mirrors, ornate frames 7-10" wide, small vases/urns (not light china), brass items (ex. bowls, candle holders, etc.)

All items can be brought on any of the following days/times: Sundays until 3:30 PM, Wednesdays between 5 PM and 8 PM, or during regular business hours (Mon-Thurs 9:15-3:15).