Hello Church Family!

As we continue to live into our unique call at this time to be a community of Christ-followers offering hope to the world, I’m encouraged and comforted by the incredible leadership being shown by our government officials during this crisis. The emergency measures, medical response, and communication flow, particularly in Alberta, have been a real blessing in offering us guidance on how best to navigate this strange new reality—as individuals, and as a congregation.

Now, more than ever, we as Christians have an important role to play in modelling “good behaviour”, as it were, regarding the rules and regulations being put into place in our city, province, and nation. This means continuing to practice social distancing, forgoing in-person gatherings until such a time as it is safe, offering spiritual and emotional support to those within our spheres of influence, and holding up legitimate sources of information as people seek guidance on what measures they should be taking.

As such, see below links to the three official streams of communication from our municipal, provincial, and federal governments. My charge to you is to take your cues only from these official streams, and not from other media sources. We live in an age where all kinds of false information, speculation, and politically-motivated rhetoric seem to flood our inboxes, social media streams, and news channels. The best way to stay safe and “help prevent the spread” is to listen/watch/read the public health information coming from our government leaders on a daily basis.

This page may be updated as we move forward, so feel free to bookmark it for future reference. Grace and peace to you all, in Jesus’ name!

Pastor Sam