Mission to Mexico

Mission to Mexico Update Spring 2016

Our team has concluded our house building endeavors in Mexico. The orphanage we have been working with for several years is now receiving local support!  We will be providing updates as to where we will be working next, and we will be continuing our Mission work in Kenya and Haiti.


Youth Mission to Mexico, March 21 -25, 2015

An energetic team of 22 people including Southwood United Youth Leader and 6 young adults spent 3 days building two houses in the poverty-stricken east hills of Tijuana, Mexico. Previously the Garcia Family of 5 lived in house made from garage doors with a dirt floor; The Baez Family of 4 lived in a small two room, blue tarped roof house also with a dirt floor. Both families were in desperate need of a dry, safe home to raise their family.

Our Southwood Mission Team has been building and partnering with local Mexican Foreman, Hector, and Mission Trip Leader Carlton Toews, for over 6 years. In addition to the house-building, the Mission Team visits local Pastors and distributes food to Pastor Juan’s people who live high in the hills over Tijuana. The team visits Maria Esther’s’ Foster Home , which Southwood United and Carman United built in 2011/2012 for 25+ children. Today 18 boys and 18 girls live at the Foster Home.

Spreading God’s Love by building the two homes, playing with the children, witnessing extreme poverty firsthand, and sharing evening meals with our host families was a life-changing experience for the Mission Team and Youth!


Mission Trip 2014

Estelle Mexico #4Estelle, her husband Pomposo, one month old daughter Nicole and 3 young sons live in a plywood box house. They struggle to make ends meet. Our team will built a 16’ X 20’ 2 bedroom house with sleeping loft, concrete slab floor and stucco it to last longer. As you can imagine, providing furnished homes with a concrete floor that doesn’t leak is one way to give families hope and an opportunity to make a better life for their children and themselves … and usually the extended family, which is large in Mexico!.. Building one home seems like a drop in the ocean, but through Love Global (our partner) over 250 homes have been built in this area of Tijuana for needy families over the last 20 years. It is wonderful to see communities transformed, peoples’ lives changed and hope restored.


Mission Trip 2013

We want to thank everyone who contributed financially to make this build possible.  We also want to thank the team for building a boys dormitory AND another home while they were in Tijuana.  You have been a blessing to others. 


Mexico Update – December 2012

We hope you are enjoying the friendship and festivities of the Christmas season. Maria Esther continues to open her heart and home to more children – she now has 30 children and 3 mothers living in the house and comedor , as counted by Carlton during his November trip.

Since our March trip, we have sent Maria Esther and children $100 per month for food and also for special celebrations. We sent her an additional $100 each for Christmas and 3 Kings Celebration( January 7) for food and fun, and also $150 in the summer for an outdoor children’s day . Our funds for school and food support are now depleted and we will be raising more funds in the New Year to continue our ongoing food and education support.

We just confirmed  Mission2 Mexico Trip for April 4-9, 2012 over the Easter Weekend! It is so exciting to return and carry out God’s plan for Maria Esther and children!  We will build a boy’s dormitory (converting the regular house plan to have more bedrooms and a bathroom) and a small food storage building (behind the comedor). Maria Esther is ecstatic – Carley has encouraged her to pray and pray harder for many years and her prayers are being answered. We hope to have a team of 15 which will fill every seat in Pastor Isaac’s van.

Please keep Maria and children in your prayers – 26 volunteers from Southwood travelled to Terrazas, Mexico (near Tijuana) in March 2011 to build a home for Mariela & Omar Mujica (& children)and 23 abandoned children.

Over 6 years ago, Maria Esther started taking in abandoned children when parents left for work. Since the build she has taken in more children and today she feeds and cares for 28 children mostly from the food bank and random donations, with the help of 4 other women.  The Children’s Comedor is used to house, feed, and provide after school support.

As a church community we have decided to continue to support Maria and the children over the next year by providing funds for all the children to attend school and provide some base funding for food.

100% of the funds raised are for the children’s support.   If you would like to donate to our home building fund for a future project with Maria use the donate button on the website home page and under special instructions (on the second page) please enter Mission to Mexico.  To provide ongoing support for food and education please enter Mexico Children.  Tax receipts will be mailed out at the end of the year.

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