Mombasa, Kenya

Bridge Africa Canada 

Our church provides the financial resources to operate a Trade School for at-risk, young women to provide hands on professional and accredited seamstress training.

This is a three year program and all the young women come from very poor backgrounds and are not able to fund their own education.  Our school not only provides the training for the girls but also the housing and food for the women.  The residential nature of our school enables poor women from the rural parts around Mombasa to receive training.

We also provide for the spiritual nurture of the women by having a pastor who helps lead worship every morning.

The school was started in 2010 by one of our own members Nothando Lambadi.   She is supported by a Board of Directors composed of people from our congregation.  In Mombasa, we have a counterpart Board of Directors that provides support and direction to the school

Every Fall we hold a Harambe Luncheon to help raise awareness and funds for the school.

We’re thrilled that this past year all of our students passed the national exams.

Mission Statement

Bridge Africa Canada is dedicated to offering hope and a new path forward for at-risk Kenyan girls.  We do this by providing girls with financial support for vocational skills training, entrepreneurship and personal enhancement through education. 

Madam and her student


If you would like more information or would like to donate to the school, please call contact Nicole in the church office: or 403-253-2979.