About Us

Our Mission

Southwood Church is a Spirit-led, biblically-based, transformational community of faith, following Jesus on his mission to change the world.

Our Practices

There are five practices that shape our life together as a congregation. At Southwood Church, we …


Our Beliefs

As a Christ-centred congregation of The United Church of Canada, there are four statements of faith that shape and inform our theology. From time to time, we have restated our faith to address changing contexts. The four statements below are all recognized equally as "doctrine subordinate to the primacy of Scripture." One of the uniquenesses of our denomination is that these faith statements are not held as "prescriptions" of what you must believe to belong to our church. Rather, they guide us as communities of faith in walking together on this journey of following Jesus.


The Twenty Articles (1925)

United Church doctrine was first formulated as The Twenty Articles in the 1925 Basis of Union—the church’s “constitution.” 

A Statement of Faith (1940)

United Church doctrine was amplified in the Statement of Faith in 1940. 

A New Creed (1968; rev. 1980, 1995)

A New Creed is a brief and well-loved affirmation of faith used widely in our worship services. 

A Song of Faith (2006)

A Song of Faith seeks to provide a narrative picture of what the United Church understands its faith to be in our early 21st-century context.

Our Affiliations

Alongside of our membership in Calgary Presbytery and Alberta & Northwest Conference of The United Church, we also maintain intentional relationships with others in our denomination through two nation-wide networks. These networks enrich our ability to live out what it means to be a "Spirit-led, biblically-based, transformational community of faith."

The Cruxifusion network is committed to supporting, inspiring, and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within The United Church of Canada.

The Church Regeneration network is a growing group of clergy and congregations who work together to develop deeply-rooted practices in the pursuit of spiritual renewal within our communities.